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The Shore Approach

We proactively identify industry niches, recruit best-in-class board members, invest in companies poised for transformational growth and deliver post-investment services to increase value.

  • Shore identifies industry niches with attractive growth and proactively seeks the best companies for partnership
  • The cornerstone of Shore’s investment approach is to partner with exceptional managers who have ambitious goals for their business
  • We strive to be a value added and engaged partner by providing numerous resources and support

Our Process

Identify Industry Niche

  • Thematic and top down research driven approach
  • Discuss with thought leaders
  • Utilize proprietary industry scorecard to prioritize focus
  • Create detailed industry roadmap to investment

Partner with Executives

  • Identify and meet with potential board members
  • Recruit C-level executives
  • Support executives and integrate with existing team

Find Microcap Targets

  • Utilize operating partner network to identify best-in-class executives
  • Attend conferences
  • Develop target lists and proactively reach out to build relationship

Grow Investments for Exit

  • Develop operating metrics and implement data-driven decision making
  • Provide capital for infrastructure and growth
  • Business development initiatives including acquisitions and start-up location development