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Why Shore

Our management philosophy is rooted in a shared vision of success developed jointly with our entrepreneurs and board members. Utilizing the Shore playbook we have generated consistent and repeatable results.

Unique and Valued Partner to Business Owners and Executives


Establishment of a robust management structure and access to a best-in-class Board of Directors

  • Shore will help establish a Board of Directors and develop a strategic plan to provide a roadmap for value creation
  • Jointly, Shore and the Board of Directors help achieve significant growth by eliminating roadblocks, supplementing management resources, supporting infrastructure investments, and by serving as counsel to management, sharing industry specific guidance and other best-practices to help facilitate an enhanced value creation opportunity

Upon consummation of a new partnership, Shore works with management to implement tried and tested analytical and operational tools

  • Our belief is that a business that is not measured cannot be effectively managed
  • We believe that robust data and operating metrics provide the foundation for management to make sound decisions and to achieve growth
  • As partners to management and enablers of growth, our goal is to establish robust data tracking systems and ensure assets are safeguarded by making substantial investments in business systems

Shore acts as a facilitator of growth at its partner companies

  • Our goal is to significantly increase the earnings of each investment through organic growth and add-on acquisitions
  • Shore will take the lead in implementing an add-on strategy allowing managers to focus on running the day to day operations of the business
  • We target add-ons that provide opportunities for geographic expansion, new product lines or brands, new services, specialty management expertise, or market share gains