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Shore Capital Real Estate Partners Investment Overview

Partnering with real estate entrepreneurs and executives to drive growth

Pairing the Shore Capital investment model with a team of experienced Real Estate leaders

- Continuity between our private equity and real estate professionals will allow us to identify the opportunities and limits of each potential transaction through a cohesive investment review process

- Institutional and proprietary knowledge of the microcap market will allow for swift and efficient deployment of investor capital

Thesis Driven
Approach to Investing

- The SCP Real Estate Partners investment approach will mirror our private equity process for identifying attractive industry niches in which to invest

- Shore’s deep history of investing in microcap businesses will inform our identification of attractive real estate investments

Taking Shore's Microcap Private Equity Playbook to a New Asset Class

- Common growth drivers for microcap businesses often transcends industries

- SCP portfolio companies will receive real estate market intelligence and insight through our portfolio of real estate holdings


Shore Capital Real Estate Partners is a real estate-focused private equity platform that is exclusively dedicated to providing our investors and partner entrepreneurs with recession resilient, income-producing real estate investment exposure.

Shore Capital Real Estate Partners is focused on acquiring the real estate holdings of our partner entrepreneurs. By offering a real estate succession option for our private equity Seller partners, Shore seeks to accelerate the business development pipeline of our portfolio companies by offering a combination of cash liquidity and rollover ownership on a tax deferred basis at the real estate platform level. Our vast private equity portfolio provides us with proprietary information on each opportunity, allowing us to invest with conviction across a geographically diversified pool of properties.